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Monitor and Inspect your Projects, without the Risk or Breaking the Bank.

We help construction and industrial project managers make better decisions and reduce their risk with real-time aerial data gathered from drones. 

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Our Services

What we do best

SkyNinja offers Aerial Photos and Videos

Aerial Photos and Videos

Show your projects from a birds-eye view to keep stakeholders in the loop and for marketing.     

2-d & 3-d Mapping

Give your stakeholders a virtual walkthrough while gaining insight of volumetric and linear measurements (such as cut and fills).   

Visual and Thermal Inspections

Find issues without the climb and in less time.    

SkyNinja offers Aerial Photos and Videos


Start a drone program at your company.  We help you with insurance, acquiring the correct systems, and becoming FAA compliant.      

How Does This Work? 

Step 1: Free Consultation

A specialized Drone Ninja evaluates your needs and creates custom solutions specific to your situation.  

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Step 2: Dispatch Ninja

A specialized Drone Ninja Will come to your project and conduct the mission.   

Step 3: Data processes

Drone ninja processes your data and creates a pleasing presentation  

Step 4: You get the Data

Drone ninja delivers that data in a pre-agreed upon fashion and you make awesome decisions!   

Let's Work Together!